2020TKFW Kid’s Fashion Week Internship program

2020TKFW Kid's Fashion Week Internship program

Toronto Children’s Fashion Week (TKFW) is an annual event based in Toronto that aims to promote the development of Toronto children’s Fashion in line with international children’s Fashion Week. As a top children’s wear release platform in North America, it brings together hundreds of North American super children’s models, North American children’s fashion designers, fashionistas, film and television media, and North American model agency. Combining fashion, art, and culture, TKFW aims to enhance the international development of children’s fashion brands. Through Toronto Children’s Fashion Week, designers as well as fashion brands and children’s models can embark on a journey of international fashion communication.

This project from preparation to run behind the scenes show each link, has its own characteristic of cultivation plan meticulously, let the students directly involved in the workings of a fashion week production team, so as to broaden the international field of vision and promotion activities planning and implementation, pr reception, the comprehensive ability of language communication, depth experience fashion week, different positions and working environment.

Through the internship opportunity, I went deep into the fashion industry, mastered the latest fashion trend, improved my fashion sense, broadened my horizon and had different thinking collisions; Close contact with fashion industry leaders around the world, including Europe, Canada, Dubai and China, to gain first-line contacts and work experience, to help self-positioning and future development; Understand the whole operation process of fashion circle, obtain valuable guidance from designers on technical level, and exercise my ability; The designer brand internship certificate will pave the way for future development. Excellent interns will also have the opportunity to get brand recommendation letters and internship opportunities at European Fashion Week.

Internship position

  • Media Reception Assistant
  • Show layout and management
  • Fashion assistant
  • Media operation & Public Relations promotion
  • Model Makeup Assistant
  • Assistant fashion Director
  • Brand Public Relations Assistant
  • Photography and video camera and post editing assistant